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This entire cast has incredible talent! Even the bad guys could sing and dance. If this show is near you, go! Enjoy!

David Morgan from Alvo, NE

Wow! Was so excited to go see this opening weekend in Wilmington. It didn't let me down. The cast was so incredible. Im going again when it comes to Richmond and Norfolk!

Vickie from Gloucester, Virginia

Sister Act was absolutely incredible! It was the highlight of my summer and I highly recommend seeing the show.

Matt from NYC

Fantastic! Funny, amazing energy, and ready to experience again! Wonderful balance between acting-script and song. An extremely enjoyable "girls night out" with my 15 and 22 year old daughters. All would see again without hesitation. Loved it!

Wilhlemina from Grand Rapids, Mi

Saw Sister Act at the Kenndy Center on Saturday. I really wasn't expecting much as I had seen the movie and always had this belief it wouldn't compare as I had bad experiences with other broadway shows as The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, etc. that had fantastic movie origins. But I was wonderfully surprised. The show was so great, the vocal, the acting, the lighting, and the costume (glitter!!!) were all beyond my expectations. I laughed from the beginning to the last second of the show (when the pope popped up to wave to the sisters, LOL)! *spoiler*, I know. I am so glad that I went and I hope I will get a chance to watch it again with my children!

winnie from Richmond, VA

I was amazed and blown over by the energy and talent of the whole cast and crew. What a great production, full of laughter, fun and great music and vocalization. I would not miss this show. Proud of Florrie Bagel and her amazing talent! Tarea Campell is outstanding and Hollis Resnik suberb. Bravo! Don't miss this show!

Mark Albosta from Lorton Va.

I saw Sister Act on Broadway (July 2012) with Raven Simone playing the role of Deloris. When I returned home and found out the show was scheduled for a run at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, I knew I was going to get a group of friends and family together to go to the show. We attended the Saturday, April 27 matinee show and the touring cast was just as fabulous as the Broadway cast. We had a great time! The show is fun and the music is fantastic!!!

Gayle Daniels from Columbus, Georgia

I loved this show!! I've told all my friends to go see it. It was funny and very uplifting. Just what I needed. I recommend everyone go and see it.

Isabella Holland from PA

Love it! Love it! Love it! The entire production was fantastic! The music uplifting! I highly recommend seeing it!

Jim Hebebrand from Cleveland, Ohio

Had the pleasure of seeing the play in Milwaukee with my family, and we all left smiling. The cast was superb, and the performance by Lael Van Keuren (Sister Mary Robert) was delightful. Milwaukee loved them! Standing ovation.

Larry Ham from Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Uplifting. performance magnificant, costumes is a delight to the eyes, vocals make you want to move joyfully with the cast. I love it! A great message of Love to an open heart! A great Thanks to the Cast of Sister Act.

charles hines from decatur, illinois

We saw Sister Act last night. Oh My.. we laughed so hard we cried!! Well acted, songs are catchy! I didn't feel like you were there for 2 1/2 hours!

Vicki Linn from Pittsburgh

sister act was amazing. AMAZING!!!!!!!
20 stars. best play ever. loved it

janay from brooklyn ny

I had returned home from college for the winter break when my younger brother told me that Sister act on tour would here through the 12/16. I was able to catch the last show and let me tell you, it is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was utterly amazing. My Delores that evening happened to be Rashidra Scott (played originally alongside patina on Broadway). I was thoroughly impressed and left singing its praises and its songs. The show is unbelievably funny and surprisingly inspiring. I love the show so much that I decided I was going to catch the show in Indianapolis next year. Till then! :)

Renee L. Jackson from Tampa, Florida

I honestly wasn't that interested in seeing Sister Act at first, but I am so glad I had a change of heart!! The music was phenomenal, the acting was hilarious, and seeing Raven Symone playing the lead made this the most incredible Broadway experience I've ever had!! I was fortunate enough to see Raven perform as Deloris twice before it closed, and now April 26th and August 15th will be forever remembered as two of the greatest nights of my life!! Raven was truly incredible (flawless singing, brilliant comedic timing, and just being the amazing person that I've loved for nearly my whole life)!!

Jenna Bora from Burlington, VT

Loved it so much I saw it twice! I wish the soundtrack being sold was of THIS cast, as Raven's voice was truly amazing. High energy, great comedic timing, truly a phenomenal cast. I look forward to it coming back to Broadway.

Chavon W from NYC

Saw Sister Act for the first time Last Saturday and instantly fell in LOVE!! The whole show is so amazing! Raven was Fantastic as well as the whole cast! I had to see it again and did this past weekend before it closed. Will never forget it! One of the best shows I have ever seen!!!! Best cast on broadway by far!!

Trevor F. from Reading, Pa

Me and my kids love it! Non-stop fun and entertainment. It wasn't a surprise that it was a standing ovation at the end of the show!

Mel from Ny

We saw Sister Act on Aug.19th and loved this show very much. I wanted my daughter to see Raven-Symone on stage as she had seen her on tv. The cast was outstanding and stage production was very entertaining. This is one of the top productions that we have seen and would not hesitate to see it again. Go see it before it closes!

Monika S from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Saw Sister Act on Aug 19th and it one of my favorite plays so far. Raven and the cast were amazing, I was crying laughing for the majority of it. The costumes and set were awesome. I just wish it wasn't closing so soon. If anyone is having second thoughts about seeing it I suggest seeing it before it's closing on Saturday.

Bee from NY

Thoroughly entertaining and funny. The music/vocalists were all excellent! It makes you want to see it again.

Carolyn from Westbury

We saw the play with Alysha Deslorieux in Raven-Symone's role and she was fabulous -don't know how it could of been any better- Everyone is casted just right. Everything about the play is GREAT - Sorry to see it go - Hopefully it will be back.

NANCY from Dumont, NJ

Just saw the show today and I loved it! Raven and the entire cast were amazing. I left the theater laughing so hard

Yonkers mom from Yonkers

I saw Sister Act on August 1st. It was phenomenal. It came into my top 3 behind my all time favorite Lion King and Les Miserables. Raven was really "Fabulous Baby". Marla Mindelle and her heavenly belting was great. Like really great. I can't stop listening to "The Life I Never Led". Thank God for Youtube. Lastly, Carolee Carmello's voice amazes me. When she sang "Here Within These Walls" I cried and when she sang "Haven't Got a Prayer" I laughed hysterically at the Travolta move. Congratulations to the cast and production team of Sister Act: The Musical

Anthony Abron from Philadelphia

I went to Sister Act solely on the recommendation of an actor friend. What I expected was "entertaining." What I got was "incredible." The show itself stayed at high energy without going over the top on silliness. The starring roles somehow managed to evoke the spirit of their film predecessors without losing their original take on the characters. I particularly enjoyed Miss Raven-Symone's interpretation of a slightly less worldly Deloris van Cartier. The ensemble members held what I have long considered to be the mark of excellence: palpable specific characters with their own stories, even though the audience never actually hears them told aloud. The direction was superb, with pacing that kept minds from wandering yet not so fast that it was rushed. Every word was a pearl; never did I feel like a line was being said simply because it appeared in the script. Choreographing the show must have been difficult, as the habits must impede movement. However, the choreography was both intricate and entertaining despite this handicap. By far, the costuming was the dark horse of the show. The onstage changes were complete surprises. I eventually figured out a way they might have been done, but I was never able to actually see it. Of particular note was in "I Could Be That Guy" when Eddie is wearing three radically different costumes all at the same time, but it is completely imperceptible until the next layer is revealed. There was excellent use of classic theater devices, for example the chase scene through the convent's quarters - a hallway with many doors, without the production feeling archaic.

Deserving of special note is the class displayed by the cast members. I lost count of the number of members who took the time late on a Friday night to meet their fans, take pictures, and give autographs. Personally, I had a lovely, if brief, chat with Miss Alena Watters. Such grace is all too rare nowadays, and is greatly appreciated.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience. The show should be seen again and again, until there are no performances left.

David Cheng from San Francisco, California/Minneapolis, Minnesota

While not a great fan of Raven-Symone,
GIRL you nailed it!!!
Sorry to see all of you go, but will attempt to get some tickets, which my niece and nephew would like to go, when the show comes to Philadelphia in Apr. of 2013.
What an ensemble performance, You all did Whoopi, PROUD!

Joseph P DeMarie from Levittown Pa, 19055-2007

I saw the play last night and it was execllent I want to see it again before it leaves, I took five other guest and they though the same. I'll try for the week ending August 18th

Claire Coates from Mount Vernon

It was amazing! Make sure you go to the meet and greet after the show! It was an amazing show I laughed the whole say through Raven was fabulous!

Ray D from Richmond, Virginia

I came all the way from Australia to see this musical! Sister act 2 is my all-time favourite movie and I truly hope they make another broadway show because this onecwas incredible!!

Jordan from Adelaide, australia

Saw it yesterday. Great fun! Way outdid my exectations. Joyful, funny.

Jeanne from Chatham NJ

Simply amazing. The talent on stage is incredible. The voices, blew us away!! Such a fun loving musical. Great for all ages. Raven Symone brings life to the character. Loved it!!

Hazel Cooper from Clifton, New Jersey

I saw the previews for this show online and it looked so good and now that you have Raven Symone the musical is goin to be even better.
see you July7,2012


I took my mother and aunt to see this play and it was well worth every penny! All the characters were excellent and the singing and dance routines were phenomenal . We were most blown away by the costume changes and set design! I never seen such sophisticated set changes in any show before. The play held our attention from start to finish. I definitely want to see it again and I'm telling all my friends.

Dena Strong from New Jersey

The show was absolutely brilliant!! The whole cast gave a fantastic performance, Raven done a superb job at playing the role of Deloris! Totally recommend it to everyone! I wanna see it again, filled with a million laughs! Oh my god, I loved it so much!!

Ashleigh from London, England

The entire cast was extraordinary. Not only was the singing outstanding but there were moments of magical mystery..I would definitely go see it again .

lLeola Goins from Jamaica, NY

Took my daughter for her 15th birthday and it was great! Glad we caught Raven Symone as Delores, she was awesome.

Kelly from Brooklyn

I just saw the show today 6/2/12 I was very impressed with Raven's performance...she was amazing! The show in its entirety was spectacular, entertaining, hilarious! The cast was superb and Raven was adorable!!! I would definitely see it again! For the record, I've been a fan of all Raven's work from Cosby to Cheetah Girls and now Sister Act! 5 Stars!!!

Yvey Q from Stroudsburg, Pa

I saw Sister Act yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Raven is outstanding as Delores and the rest of the cast is great as well. GO SEE IT!!!

Andrea from NYC

First off Raven Simone was just amazing and I always loved her but this just made me live her more. The show was outstanding and if I could I would go see it ten more times! It was hard to stay sitting in my seat with all of the songs and energy! All I can say is AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, SUPERB!!!!

Samantha M from Baltimore, MD

i can't write a review from seeing the show, becausse it's not touring yet. BUT I WILL TRVEL WHEREVER to see the show when it sstarts coming to cities around the south. I JUST LOVE THE VIDEO CLIPS & just can't wait to see it live! SISTER ACT, YOU GO GIRLS!

marlene vicknair from laplace, la.

Loved it! Sooooo much fun. Raven Symone

Sue McColley from Fords

Just got back home from seeing Sister Act in NYC. What a fantastic show and Raven what can I say but WOW! I would recommend this show to everyone.

Terry Kline from Birdsboro, Pa

Loved, loved, loved this show!!
Found it hard to stay in my seat with all the energy coming from the stage.
The entire cast was superb, and Raven was phenomenal!
Want to go back real soon!!

Anne C from Rockland, NY

This was my first time seeing a show on Broadway and I was blown away. From start to finish I was amazed by the engery the cast gave off. Their voices were fabulous. BRAVO BRAVO... this is a must see again.. Thanks for making my first Broadway play experience a memorable one...

Jannel from Philadelphia

Raven girl u were awesome!!! The show was funny and entertaining. It was insightful without being stuffy! I went by myself and i felt like i was there with old friends....couldnt stop laughing and clapping! The casts energy radiated to the audience even the balcony section was hype (my seats were awesome tho 5 rows back....on the right hand side). I really loved the show planning on seeing it again!

Marisha from Brooklyn

OMG. First of all I have actually watched Raven grow up and into a beautiful young lady. As for the play it is just superb. I was treated by my daughter and my two granddaughters. we had 3rd row seats on the right I was sitting on the isle seat. The cast is heavenly & spiritually talented. I loved the way the conductor became the Pontiff at the end. If I were a judge for the Tony Awards The entire cast would receive one. Many blessings to each and everyone involved in this production.

yvette from bronx, ny

The first time I saw Sister Act was in December 2012 with Patina Miller. I was blown away..I went home, downloaded the CD and listened to the soundtrack on a loop every day. Then my dorm was doing a free trip to NYC and I knew I had to see it again with Raven. Again, FABULOUS!! The cast is amazing. Raven captured the role of Deloris, Carolee Carmello has the voice of an angel and is the sweetest person you will ever meet, Audrie Neenan is so funny as Mary Lazarus, Sarah Bolt has all of the cheerfulness Mary Patrick needs, and Marla Mindelle makes you think she is this shy person but then belts like no other. So so so so good and I hope to see it again this summer because it is definitely worth it.

Natalie Grillo from Hopedale, Massachusetts

Fabulous! Lots of fun and energy!

Tom Fees from Findlay, Oh

The show was exciting colorful, funny. It wwas excellent Raven Simone wowed us. Her voice was powerful. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Definetly worth seeing again.

Pamela Alvarez from Brooklyn, NY

Good old fashioned Broadway fun. Great cast, fun songs and excellent production numbers. Rashidra in the lead was outstanding. Hope she gets the role full time sometime/somewhere soon!

Jim Love from Philadelphia

Excellent show - the lead was terrific and all the cast were wonderful...funny and talented! We had more laughs....didn't want it to end...clapped and laughed and sang.

Debbie from Hamilton, NJ

Last minute decision to drive up to New York and we just loved the Broadway Show "Sister Act"! The musical had us all up on our feet...the cast was superb! What an enchanting evening at the Big Apple!!

Marebear from Pottsville PA

Having been going to Broadway shows for more than 50 years. My first being My Fair Lady starring Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. I have seen the likes of Zero Mostel, Carol Channing, Gilda Ratner and over 200 plays and musicals. My wife & I go several times a year and have our own table at The Palm West.

Well we at first naturally disapointed when we were informed that the Doleras Van Cartier was to performed by the understudy.

She was in a word "FANTASTIC", we were both not just please but "blown away" by her performance. Four thumbs for a new star to broadway.

Paul from Monroe Township, NJ via Brooklyn

I took my ten-year old granddaughter to see Sister Act and we both loved it. The music, cast and set design were spectacular! This was my 30th Broadway show musical (I am a Broadway junkie) and Sister Act ranks high up on my list. Go see it!

Joan from Medford, NY

Haven't seen a Broadway Play in quite awhile. So glad I chose"Sister Act". A "feel good" type of play, for sure!! Enjoyed it immensely.....

Gerri from New Windsor, NY

My good friend treated me to Orchestra seats for my birthday.......this is the best birthday gift for someone that needs nothing. This production will satisfy. Sister Act was Fabulous! The set and cast was phenomenal.....I will definitely be back!!! It was awesome!

Ciara from Maryland

Sister Act was awesome. Electrifying, upbeat, and energizing. The costumes and props were unbelievable. What an extraordinary performance!!!

Sheila from Queens, NY

Sheila from Queens, NY

FABULOUS!! Very uplifting and entertaining! You want to get out of your seat and dance in the aisle. Music was very well written and performed! Would recommend to all.

Linda Twiford from Blue Bell, PA

This is one of the Electrifying and Glorious broadway musical my Mum has ever praised in her entire day.

Luke Radclyffe from London,Brentford

I'm thanking all & a special thanks to Whoopi for a fantastic show! It was such a good time. Glad we went (didn't like the teeming rain), but it was well worth the trip/ of the best i've seen. A good memory!!

Agnes De Giacomo from South Farmingdale, NY

When we visit NYC, we always see a Broadway show. Since my brother is a huge fan of the movies, we decided to see Sister Act. What a great choice! I laughed so hard that I cried and then cried so hard that I started laughing! Fantastic...and of course...Fabulous, baby!

Emilee from Wellsville, Ohio

This show is a must see if you love Broadway musicals. Patina Miller shines as Dolores and you've got to love "sweaty" Eddie. The whole cast and ensemble really do entertain you. Thanks Whoopi and all the producers for such a "Fabulous" show. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Well done.

Nancy K from Kingston , Pa

This is the best musical I have ever seen! It was fenomenal and that says a lot considering I am not a very big fan of musicals.

Crisarely Ponce from La Junta, Chihuahua

I traveled from Canada with my school just to see the show, and I'm glad we did! It was simply the best thing I've ever seen on stage! I couldn't stop laughing and clapping along to the songs from beginning to end. I bought the CD, and now I can't stop listening to it! I'm definitely going to see it again, and this time, I'll be singing along. Keep being fabulous, baby!

Patricia R from Scarborough, Canada

This show is Stunning,Funny,Heart warming and so incredibly uplifting. Im still mesmerised by the voice of Patina Miller and the whole cast. I will return to se this show even though it's three thousand miles accross the Atlantic. That,s how go it was!


We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with our kids to come to NY. We also visited Sister Act. Never seen such a good show. We want to thank you for the very funny show, incredebly good acting, music and songs.
Now were back at home my daugters and I sing all the time the songs.

Karin Jeurissen from Netherlands, Beuningen

Just got back from NYC and am still in awe of this FABULOUS production!!! This play was part of my 60th birthday celebration, saw it with my sister and my best cousin, and their respective best friends and my cousin's new husband........we all are great fans of Whoopi's, and she has hit it out of the park with the cast of performers in this play.....Loved Patina, and sweaty Eddie(loved Mr Gregory in Tarzan, he stole the show!!)and the zany nuns, and dancing thugs.......BRILLIANT!!!!!! SEE THIS SHOW!!!
Wear something comfy, your sides will splitting, and God knows that is what we need in this crazy world.....

Annie Cannon from Walden NY

I have never laughed so much at a show. I laughed so hard I was crying It was fabulous. Bravo to cast and crew. I will recommend to all my friends and family, that it is one show that you cannot miss.

Donna M Rickey from Newburgh,NY

Just Amazing !
can't wait to go back to NY and see this musical again ! We laughed and we were really impressed.
We loved songs and of course the cast who is brilliant !!! BRAVO !!! :)

Karen B from France, Paris

TERRIFIC!!!!! Can't remember when I enjoyed
a show as much as sister act. Will definitely
recommend to all my friends& family. Will see it

Anna Jean Ajello from North Haven, Connecticut

wonderful, uplifting show. Talent unblievable...kept us smiling throughout. Loved it!!!

carole serfass from levittown, pa.

Had a great time. Fun musical with lots of talent.

Georgianna Passariello from Orange, Ct.

Absolutely fantastic, it made me laugh - it made me want to get up and dance! Without a doubt one of the best shows I have ever seen! Will DEFINITELY see it again.

Denise Stripinis from Rocky Hill, CT.

Wow! Laughed ybtil I cried!
Can't say enough about the cast and songs........
A play I will go back to see again!

Jim Albert from Old Bethpage,NY

I loved it! A+!

Kirby from Lexington, kentucky

It was great

John from Colorado

Its super funny and hularious, I totaly recomendit!!!

Daniel from Barcelona

Attended play on my birthday as a surprise. What a refreshing and uplifting play. I laughed and cried-thanks so much for a wonderful time!

Saint Clair Reide Jr. from Cambria Heights New Year.

My husband and I celabrated our 45th wedding anniversary at tonights show and we had a ball, laughing and singing. We felt like kids again. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Doris and Jim Kenny Port Washington, NY

Doris Kenny from Port Washington N.Y.

I saw Raise Your Voice on the Tony's and then looked that performance up online, and watched it over and over again. I then heard a clip of Take Me To Heaven and knew I had to get the album! It's Alen Menkin! I now am obsessed with all the music! I, sadly, can't fly out to New York this year so I'm waiting for the America tour so I can see it in my state! I love Patina Miller!
I am now researching the musical and it's fabulous history!
I hope, no, I KNOW that SIster Act will travel around the world six or seven times, as Whoopie Goldberg hopes it will! :-)
Oh! I MIGHT be abe to go to NYC actually

Marcos from Colorado

me and mother both never seen a broadway play so i saved up my money and the two of us went to see it on a friday night in july. We loved every single minute of (especially sweaty eddie and ms.miller. :D) you guys were awesome...wish i could get it on dvd :D

clarissa krigger from Bronx, new york

Loved it! Truly an enjoyable experience. Sweaty Eddie, you ROCK!

Alexandra from Brooklyn, NY

This was the best musical ever made funny as heaven . Every moment made you laugh . I love the song take me to heaven . I sing it while I'm bored .

amari smith from brooklyn

My husband & I celebrated our 26th anniversary seeing this phenomenal show!!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! Spectacular acting, songs, set & costumes!!! Go see it, we both agreed that it is the BEST show we've ever seen!!! We'd never's a sin!!!!

Denise from Bronx, New York

i went to new york for the summer and i loved the show it was very funny and i loved it

rebecca hagen from atlanta

My family surprised my Mother on her 80th birthday with a trip to new york and tickets to see Sister Act. The entire musical production was absolutely fantastic!! Mom can't stop talking about how much she enjoyed it!

G. Brittman from Memphis, TN

Wounderful experience. Our group ranged in age from 8 to 58 and everyone loved Sistèr Act.

Jo Goodson from New York

Came to NY in June. Saw 4 shows including Book of Mormon with all its hype and awards and enjoyed it but paid twice as much as I did for Sister Act. I enjoyed Sister Act three times as much. It wasn't a full house and should have been. The show has great songs, humor, and heart. It should run a long time. If not, it will be huge on the road where audiences will really embrace it!

Eric Ewan from Peoria, Illinois

Awesome! Awesome! Jesus, Mary, and Awesome! This is the answer to our prayers!

Tom from Totowa, NJ

Sister Act is gloriously triumphant fun with inspiring performances and an uplifting score and story. Go and see it as soon as you can and catch a piece of heaven on earth!

Peter Horton from Pittsburgh

Went for my 12th birthday celebration. It was fabulous. It made me happy I bought the music and I listen to it everyday. Can't wait to go back and see it again.

Mary and Arianna Reyes from Londonderry, New Hampshire

Fabulous! A must see with the most amazing cast, music, and set. Love love LOVE!!!! Thank you!!!

Zachary Hoh from NYC

Fabulous! A must see with the most amazing cast, music, and set. Love love LOVE!!!! Thank you!!!

Zachary Hoh from NYC

" Worth Every Penny " ! Since I was getting good grades my dad had to take me to see Sister Act ! He thought he would fall asleep but didn't ! They loved that it was different and they loved all the songs ! And they all thought I chose a Fabulous show for all of us ! He said we are going to go see it AGAIN !

Da'Von Lampley from Newark , NJ

Fantastic play! Patina Miller was outstanding as was the rest of the cast. Hillarious from start to finish. Left me with such an upbeat feeling even days after!!! Certainly hope it come to Toronto. Worth seeing over and over again!!
Congratulations Whoopi on an outstanding musical.
A definite must see for anyone who enjoys entertainment!!!!!

Marilyn E from Oshawa, ON

We had a wonderful time at this play. It was Funny and the singing was incredibly great. Didn't want it to end.

Carol Doukas from Ronkonkoma New York

yes we like sister act musical

sam wilde from scarborough north yorks

Fabulously funny!! So glad to be in NYC & seeing this show is the highlight thus far. Great singing! A 'Must See!'

Nicole from Southlake, TX

I absolutley loved this play from begginnig to End. Great acting and singing by Patina Miller..and by the whole cast...such a great story i laughed and cried! I am def seeing this again!

John c from orange NJ

One of the best musicals I have ever seen. Sooo funny and always entertaining.

matt from pittsburgh